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Nose filler / Non-surgical rhinoplasty


Results are often visible immediately, offering you a more balanced and harmonious nose shape. Swelling and some redness are to be expected. Remember, this initial step may be followed by a second appointment within 1 to 3 months for further enhancements. This additional filler ensures optimal results. Booking remains straightforward, with online options for nose filler at the same price. Once you achieve the desired nose result, maintenance appointments are only needed every 9 to 12 months.

Injectable fillers in the nose may cause swelling, redness, bruising, and tenderness near the injection sites, but these effects typically diminish within 2-3 days after the procedure. However, swelling could persist for a week or two before the complete results of the filler treatment become visible. During this period, it is common for the treated area to feel slightly tight as the filler adjusts and inflammation decreases. Remember nose filler can be dissolved with hylenex if necessary.


There will likely be some lingering swelling and bruising after Nose Filler,

Swelling in the injection area will occur. The worst of it will last for approx. 48 hours, but there may be a small amount of swelling for up to 4 weeks. Recovering from Nose Filler requires no-downtime.


Wearing glasses regularly within the first 4 weeks of your nose enhancement can lead to indentations in the nose at the contact point of your glasses. This is because the dermal filler is still malleable and the pressure can damage points in the nose.


  • DON’T - Apply makeup or any lotion over the nose for the next 4 hours after filler injections.

  • DON’T - Swim or use saunas, sun, heat or hot excersices for 1 week after nose filler.

  • DON’T - Rub or massage the nose or apply pressure with glasses for at least 1 week after nose filler

  • DO - Apply arnica gel for swelling and bruising.

  • DO - Sleep slightly elevated, with your head above your heart, the next two nights to help alleviate swelling. Sleep on your back.

  • DO - take tylenol acetaminophen if necessary for pain

  • DON'T - take Blood-thinning medication like aspirin and ibuprofen may cause swelling and bruising. Avoid them for 24-48 hours.

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