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Results are by our Injector Paula.

The results are instant and shown right after the procedure.

Expect some swelling, redness, and bruising.

No down time needed.

Results fully healed within 2 weeks.

jawline filler.jpg
under eye filler.jpg
under eye filler.jpg
tear trough filler.jpg
undereye filler.jpg
undereye filler.jpg
lip filler.jpg
under eyes smile lines.jpg
smile lines tear troughs.jpg
Under eyes and smile lines.
undereye filler.jpg
undereye filler.png
full face package.jpg
full face package.jpg
Full Face Package - lips, chin, cheeks, nose, smile lines and full face tox.
face fillers.jpg
cheek filler.jpg
Full Face Package - forehead, smile lines, cheeks, chin, lips and Botox.
male fillers.jpg
lip filler smile lines
Filler smile lines, cheeks, chin, lips and Botox.
jowls, chin, smile lines, lips, cheeks.jpg
full face.jpg
Filler smile lines, cheeks, chin, jowls, lips.
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